There are dreamers that wait for a trail to be blazed for them; and there are dreamers, like Queen Coco (born Alicia Keys), that allow their passion to chart their course. At a young age, Coco found a piece of her purpose while vibing at her parents parties in the neighborhood. Then, she knew that music would be more than a mere tune to her. The way in which music connected with her left an impression that would later lead her to a life-altering opportunity. Ten years ago, a placement on the show Stir It Up began to pen her life song. An 80’s baby to the core, nothing is out of Queen Coco’s musical scope as she effortlessly produces a lyrical ambience that is guaranteed to give listeners what they're wanting. Being a lifetime connoisseur of beats and lyrics has honed this rising DJ’s ability to create a heart-thumping musical backdrop wherever she goes. She brings with her a sense of style and taste that can be felt in every element of her professional life. The energy, talent, poise, and grace of this emerging game-changer commands any room she enters into. While the past few years have produced the melody, it is her eclectic DJing and soul-stirring messages that are currently creating the verses to this song. Coco’s dedication and professionalism to her craft has landed her clients such as TuneCore, ASCAP, Emory University, DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services), and The Limited just to name a few. As her song unfolds and her journey progresses, Coco's intention is to continue branding herself as a DJ, motivational speaker, TV & Radio personality and an artist. Without fail, every platform her gift introduces her to, she endeavors to leave a lasting impact on this generation. A leader, a friend to all people, and linked into the pulse of entertainment, Queen Coco is the “perfect verse over a tight beat” and is positioned to take the world by force—literally.